Saturday, March 31, 2012

The LOW Story

Prolly blogged Kim's LOW, and everybody loves LOW, right?

But only few of the fixie-fiends and street track bike headz out there in the Interwebz know the true story. I know Kim, bro lives just couple blocks away from me, you know?

‎"I never liked my Low anyway but nobody cared, they were just ´go Kim go´.

Prolly rang my doorbell one night and brought a bottle of whisky.

´You go kim´ Prolly told me.

I was like ´Yea whatever.´

Anyway we drank the booze and hit the road.

Prolly was wasted, he was all `Aw brakes!" and that stuff.

I threw my Low off the Pitkäsilta bridge and said to him: ´Fuck this shit you know. Bro, do you get it. Fuck this shit. Just fuck it.´ 

And that was the end of it. The End of Low you know. That´s when the sales started crashing." 

Kiitos Tuukka!


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If you want to dive for Kim's LOW, jump from there:


eight months for a frame?who are these guys,the RS of fixed world?

konkeli said...

Instead for throwing it from the bridge he should consider Palpa:

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