Monday, May 17, 2010

KRNKY Pedal Straps

The long awaited KRNKY Pedal Straps are finally out. There are tons of different versions and variations of this type of straps for flat pedals out there but these are looking good to me. Toni himself seems to be pretty confident in superiority of their particular design which took some time and testing to get just right.

Now my only problem with these is that I don't currently have a bike that would go along nicely with these. Putting flat BMX pedals on a classic track bike f**ks things up bit too much. Yeah, life is so hard...

Besides the straps Toni & Kaisa also got a new cool Double Belt Bag out, if you want to carry more stuff with you without having to resort to a bag or a backpack.


Anonymous said...

i think it would be a smart move if someone created a quality track pedal specific pedal strap. i guess there are powergrips, but i hear those arn't that great. feetbelts are basically the same thing. Holdfasts are designed for flat pedals but actually work on generic track pedals. i dunno, seems like the pedal strap market is very BMX/flat pedal-centric. and i know a ton of fixed gear riders that want strap foot retention instead of the traditional clips/cages/strap, but dont want to run those super wide bmx pedals.

Jussi said...

Yup, I agree with you on this.

But there is a kind of midway solution to this dilemma; the mini platform pedals.

KRNKY straps are supposed to work with those too.

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