Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cinelli X Mash Limited Ed.

Way cooler than the standard Cinelli MASH colors, I'd say!

“Garrett brought the histogram forward for our new kit. To commemorate the energy around this new series, We painstakingly produced only three MASH Cinelli framesets.

The finished product is produced with a 2010 Columbus/Cinelli/MASH frame set, with powder coat, matte clear coat, fine die-cuts. Each signed by the artist.

Only available at the Project Space Gallery. The gallery will ship worldwide, and sell based on date/time of email received. Email them at: Projectspace@arkitip.com to get one of these. Next build yours, and send us photos of the life you give one of these pieces of weaponry.” – MASH

Via Pedal Consumption. 

1 comment:

konkeli said...

As I'm the regular MASH hater, I just have to say that I love those looks. Gawddammit.

Still, the Vigorelli looks better IMHO.