Friday, May 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

"and fyi i ride around the fixie capital of the world williamsburg brooklyn!!! ive seen every bike out there. ive rode wit the best and ride deep... this thread is stupid i dont even know why defending my self to a bunch of haters and people that think they know it all and think they can talk down to people that dont know the right terminology"


"what i meant is that i ride with some of the most respected fixie heads out here in nyc..from the crew in chari and co to their rival trackstar that they put outta business..people from dqm , supreme, Wonka if yall dont know youtube him..basically people that made fixie what it is not sayin im an OG..i got into riding fix 3 yrs back after a bad motorcycle im still pretty knew to this game..and so what if i want a columbus i said i want my bike to looks nice, not cheap..i know there are nice fsa headsets out there that cost more, but i want the columbus one. fixed gears out here in nyc its like a lifestyle..people buy shit and put it on their bikes to personalize em..thats what im doin..not everyone can afford the nicest parts..but do you..dont hate , i dont give a fuck if u ride a beat up pista..yall jus a bunch of haters!!!! so go head make some more hate threads line up on terrible gay train and go fuck each other."

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OLLOLOLOLOLLLOLOL!!!where did you get this!