Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cinelli Laser Pista To Be Reissued

"Today thanks to the rebirth of steel and people like yourselves, a dream is about to be realised: the Cinelli Laser will return. Not just as a museum display, but as a track machine; rigid and lively, more so even than its predecessor 20 years ago. All the original protagonists are ready and motivated; Andrea Pesenti who built 300 throughout the 1980’s, myself Antonio Colombo who thought them up, Paolo Erzegovesi who engineered them, and Emilvano Montorio who pulled out the tubes. New in the band will be Alessandra Cusatelli, my partner, and Cinelli design co-ordinator of the last 10 years. As always, it will only be available in limited editions. The kids are alright!”

Only 300 frames will be made. I really wonder what they will cost.

From Bikerumor via Hipster Nascar. 


Timo said...

Wow, this is cool! Will be nice to see what will be the price.

Still, the Laser is imo the most beautiful frame ever built!

Unknown said...

I love it already!

Unknown said...

looks fuckin' hot