Monday, February 23, 2009

MASH vs. Fake Cop

Yo'all know about the MASH SF guys doing the Tour De California because it's been reported to death everywhere but this is the funniest incident so far during their tour: Rent-a-cop tackles Garett for riding his bike too close to what, the competitors' area or whatever? Looks also bit like the fat guy is about to kick Garett's ass when he's already on the ground. And hey, this reminds me bit of that other cop-pushing-cyclist-over case too.


Julian. said...

i don't really find that too funny, i think it would suck, actually, to get bodied by some fucker because he thinks he's can do whatever the fuck he wants. show a lil bit of sensitivity, you wouldn't want someone saying that shit was funny if it happened to you!!!!!

Jussi said...

Julian, I get your point, sure, but since I don't think nothing too serious actually happened there I think it's ok to make bit of fun of the stupidness of the whole incident.

The fat guy just made himself and the likes of him look like an ass to the world, again.

I genuinely hope Garett is fine and wish only the best to him and his pals on the TdC. I think it's great they're doing it.