Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spinergy REV-X Goes For Broke

You've probably seen these already but is so on it... 


Unknown said...

Everyone should freak out now about how unreliable spinergies are now just like they did about H+Son.

asb said...

Oh Julius... this should not have been news at all! People in the "road racing massive" have known for a long time that the Rev Xs are prone for massive failures.

Here is a picture for you from way back before 2003 that should clarify the issue with ultra low spoke count wheels like the Rev X:

And thew web site with more info:

Unknown said...

Spinergy stopped rev-x production in '99. So even the newest wheels are ten years old, and for carbon fiber - is used - that's quite long time.

And I believe that they were prone to breakage even in the 90's. When used on roads, not doing tricks.

Unknown said...

^meant to "If used"

But this is taken from the spinenergy site:

"Previous Models (Including Rev X):
On older models, specifically the Rev X series of wheels, please inspect the entire wheel on a regular basis. If any cracks, separations or bulging is found in the rim, the wheel should no longer by used. (see "Special Note" below) All components on a rider’s bike should fall under these guidelines, as normal wear and tear can cause gear to break without notice."