Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Ciöcc Pista Appreciation

I'm still stoked about the new CIÖCC Mockba 80 Pista, so here's some catalogue pics of original early 1980s Ciöcc Pista bikes, from the excellent catalogue motherlode.

There's no 1982 catalogue there unfortunately. My knowledge is not nearly deep enough and while quick googling brings up plenty of info on Ciöcc Mockba 80 road bikes which came out in 1982, there's nothing about the track bikes of the said model. The Ciöcc Mockba 80 road bike was apparently released to celebrate the 1980 Moscow Olympic 2nd place won by Poland’s Czeslaw Lang on a Ciöcc bike in the Men’s Individual Road Race.

So somebody who knows better tell me did a real Ciöcc Mockba 80 Pista ever really even exist? Or is this 'reissue' just a MOCK-ba of an old school steel track bike?

Finally, Tracko claims that '... the original rode like shit on the Track!" but how does he know that? I'm willing to bet my brand new red anodized Mack hubs that he never rode an original one on a velodrome...

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