Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweet Custom Icarus Fixie, Bro!


K-dregg said...

Whoa! Is it a road bike conversion?

Anonymous said...

It looks like one fo'sho.

Also it doesn't seem to fit its owner too good with short stem for the frame size, seat pushed way to the front etc.

Prolly said...

you guys are silly.

It's a 110 stem and the saddle was adjusted after the show.

74 parallel geometry with a 55mm BB drop and a 36mm rake. That's a track bike.

dHcFixed said...

prolly and all of you guys are so retarded if this is a show bike then why does it have a photoshoped in aerospoke. Huh? THATS FUCKING WACK AND SO ARE FAST BIKES WITH NO BRAKES AND HIPSTERS.

look close at the front wheel..

you guys try soooo hard

dHcFixed said...

correction: both wheels appear to be fake.

this is so sad