Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jimmy Lizama - My Message is Bicycle (TEDxUCLA)

Jimmy Lizama has been a bicycle messenger in Los Angeles for over a decade. His vocation has taken him around the world to participate in bike messenger events and locally it has inspired and facilitated several ventures into invoking bicycle culture in the city he holds so dear, chief among them The Bicycle Kitchen/La Bicicocina, a DIY bicycle repair space in East Hollywood that he originated in a small kitchen of the Los Angeles Eco Village, an intentional community in Korea Town. With subpoenas, 6 packs, prose, pizzas, costumes, flyers and now a 1-year old boy in tow, Jimmy has navigated the expanse of L.A. without a car his entire life. He invites you to join him as he cycles through what it means to ride a bike in L.A. and why it's vital that you join the club atop two "push-pedals."

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