Thursday, November 17, 2011

RE:Products Project -> VIVALO Reborn

It seems that Kusaka-san's Vivalo brand has been relaunched in Japan. No traces of Keirin track bikes on the site at the moment though, just traditional steel road bikes instead.

As my Japanese skills are bit rusty for the moment Google Translate tells us, somewhat cryptically:

"VIVALO lineup was only ever full order frames. This time, experience the handmade chromoly frame more people If you think please, let me hang the frame in addition to the lineup Submitted.

Even if the frame hanging, size 8 size and color from 3 colors You can choose. In addition, Comfort Space, Mr. EAST RIVER CYCLES Hutte 8to8's three stores, the original color of each shop And let me also available. So, you can choose from six colors.

 All geometries have been referring to the load frame produced so far I was allowed to DRESSCODE designed from scratch. Please come and look here for the first time the real chromoly frame? ! !"

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