Friday, November 18, 2011

Racing On Italian Steel

People still actually race on nice vintage steel track bikes in many places, like these guys in Estonia. From the performance point of view it would probably make sense to sell these bikes on Ebay and get some contemporary aero aluminum instead but hey, steel is real, right?

(Thanks to Jii for digging up the pics.)


bagni said...

freak show rear wheel
if i'm not mistaken?
it's a soviet made 'rost' kevlar 'spoked' disc
many moons ago i imported some to the u.s.
but the renamed 'fluidisk' never took off
wheel was lightest, strongest but too cosmetically imperfect for most u.s. standards
the ex space industry russians couldn't get a handle on it.
but i digress.... ::))

Jussi said...

bagni, those seem to be Fluidisks indeed. You need to notice that those guys are in Estonia and they had all the original Soviet track equipment and kit available and the stuff still seems to get used over there.

Also, my friend recently found and bought one those here in Finland too.