Monday, August 15, 2011

Rossin Pista 1989

These are very nice. Finnish catalogue scans of the Rossin track bikes from 1989 with original prices in Finnish markka and all. For example the 6350 FIM would be about 1070€ today. I guess the catalogue was made by Tunturi brand who imported Rossin to Finland at the time.

The fact that I very recently scored a lovely track frameset equiped with some original Gipiemme Pista Special parts on it much like the one above makes this an even sweeter find.

The TT bike conversion(?) below is bit funky looking, though. The grey track bike below made with more obscure and apparently slightly heavier Falck tubing appears to be the budget version as the complete bike was priced about two thirds of price of the Columbus SL version. The parts are not exactly the same either.

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