Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rossin Track Bikes

ASB sent me these photos, taken recently at Liikuntamylly AKA the Helsinki indoor cycling track. 

They're all 1980s Rossin pistas, like my new whip. There's actually quite a few Rossin track bikes (as well as Olmos and Sannino pursuit track bikes) here in Finland. Some of the older dudes training in Liikuntamylly told ASB that the reason was that at some point during the 1980s someone thought that track cycling would be the next big thing and a bike shop in Turku ordered a big bunch of Rossin frames. Then, as you can probably guess, the great Finnish track cycling boom never happened, unfortunately. 


tiny said...

You don't happen to have larger copies, do you?

Jussi said...

They're in here:

asb said...

@ T_M : I can get you the originals that have not been cropped down to cheap-flickr-account-size. E-mail me: antti (dot) brax (at) gmail )

Anonymous said...

I'm also riding a Rossing frame, mainly at the velodrome though. I picked mine up from Velosport (they still have a couple).