Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Info On Kanye's New Toy Tarck Bike

Ok, some more information concerning Kanye's newly purchased totally rad and trendy as hell Tarck Bike has surfaced on teh webforumz. Here the pics as proof and some best bits from the discussion on bikeforums.net:

'Luke at BrooklynMachineWorks also told me that a friend had it build for Kanye. He custom ordered a color, just like everyone else can, and had to wait for his to be ready, just like everyone else. No special treatment, he had to wait just like you and me.'

'can kanye even ride?'

'Kanye has been spotted riding the BMW in NYC...'

'So I guess dressing up like Michael J. Fox circa Back to the Future is in right now.'

'isn't this the dude who always wore one of those girls leather backpacks? i hope he plans on tying his goddamn shoes when he rides though.'

'Man best roll up them jeans...and maybe his shirt lol.'

'You ever had your shoes come untied while riding? It generally leads to bad things. Not the least of which will be getting chain nastyness all over his $200 limited edition nikes.'

'Try $700 Lanvins...'

'do you guys think he rides his bike often? is it possible for he to ride on stage and accidentally fall over? the thought of him falling off the stage pleases me somehow.'

And here's one more time to Kanye's new hobby... 

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what a fag!