Thursday, December 8, 2011

Louis Vuitton Polo Bike

Louis Vuitton Polo Bike with all necessary accessories.
Is this the end of bike polo as we know it?

"Recently Louis Vuitton teamed up with polo bike players Hannes Hengst and Grégory Barbier to produce their very own LV Polo Bike. The details of each part of the bike are very impressive.

 “From the embossed leather pedal straps and mallet holders, to the machined chainring (by Victoire), etched barplugs, via the leather wheel cover, culminating with a spectacular hollowed out mallet head, attached to a fully wrapped shaft. All of it using the classic Vuitton patterns and shapes.”

 Intersection Magazine France were the first to get it in front of their lens and present it in their current issue."

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