Saturday, October 18, 2008

Traitor Cycles Ringleader Has Landed

What's in the box, you might wonder? Why, it is the officially first ever Traitor Cycles Ringleader in Finland. 

The bike arrived today in Air Freigh from the U.S. of A and the bike's new owner mr. tnts, a founding member of our very own FG/SS webforum, already built it up, with some help from Johannes at the Kumiluoti shop. And apparently he drank some Olvi beer while he doing it. 

I'll report more about the bike once I get to see in real life and test ride it myself, and hey, I might even interview the new owner of bike to lift my blog to whole new level of journalistic professionalism. While you're waiting for that, check out more pics of the bike here

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