Wednesday, October 15, 2008

White Industries Track Hubs & New Cog System

Couple of days ago I enlightened you about Sugino's new cog system. After that Tuukka (thanks!) brought to my attention the White Industries' somewhat similar system, as pictured. Along with their new track hubs they've come up with their own splined cog carrier system, which at least to me resembles more or less Miche's and Sugino's similar inventions. 

Apparently their new design includes a "Tool-less proprietary cog attachment", and even better, "...the fixed gear interface is our spline design which eliminates the issue of stripped cogs." 

I guess I'm a traditionalist because I'm not so sure about what's so special their new system.I still prefer the rotafixa method and my good old chainwhip/lockring spanner tool. On the other hand I don't swap cogs that often anyway since I prefer double fixed hubs. 

But White Industries hubs are not very affordable either with a price tag of 259 bucks. Personally I'd much rather fork out my hard earned cash for some Dura-Ace, Phil Wood, or even better, the new Profile Racing fixed hubs which are all more or less in the same price range. 

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