Friday, October 31, 2008

Vintage Track Racer by Olli

Check this out, click them damn pics again!

According to a rumor going around, the pictured pre-WWII track bicycle was recently found under a pile of old junk in the back of the boiler room of the Käpylä velodrome in Helsinki by some old janitor dude. The 'drome was built between 1938-1940. Whoa, could that really be...?

No, just kidding. The bike is actually the latest project by our very own Bike Designer Extraordinaire, Olli AKA ChopperOlli. You remember this, right? And this?

Look here for plenty of pics detailing how a 1980s Peugeot race bike became something entirely else. Incredible.

Now that this project is done, he is currently working on a prototype for a trick track bike which will have dual mono fork design etc. Can't wait to see that.

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