Friday, October 3, 2008

New Sugino Cog Design

All right, pics of Sugino's new prototype cog design have leaked on the interwebz so I also need to post them here. It seems that they are going the Miche-way with some kind of a carrier design. 

I need to add that most people who have tried what appears to be quite the similar Miche-system, often haven't been so happy about it, especially if you ride on the streets and tend to skid a lot and whatnot.

The Sugino new came from here: 

"Not sure if these are out yet, Sugino rep told me it was a prototype coming out later this year. You get 3 cogs, 16/17/18 with the set, and there is no need for a chain whip, just a shimano road bb tool, which does the lockring too. To change cogs, you just take the lockring off, and the tooth section of the cog comes off laterally." 

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Skulk Face said...

It'll probably prove more durable than the Miche carrier system. The achilles heel of the Miche system is how spaced out the little nubbins are that hold the cog in place.

A continuous wave design like the Sugino is using can withstand much greater force, and is less likely to develop play because the forces are distributed over a much wider area.

Similar patterns are used on a variety of crank spiders including Shimano XTR and White Industries ENO.

White Industries is also producing a similar cog system, but with a much wider base to the cog and more pronounced wave pattern. It should be even tougher, but you can't install a carrier on a normal hub--you need a proprietary WhiteInd hub.

See here, here, or here.