Monday, October 6, 2008

John's New BMW Gangsta

Remember the sad fate of John Prolly's old Surly Steamroller, here & here? Now he seems to have a new snappy ride, a Brooklyn Machine Works' Gangsta, which should take the trickster's hard knock life bit better. Or let's hope it does. 


If you're interested in that chainguard thingy he's running, read more about it here


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting chain ring guard! I've seen only round shaped guards, which may be unnecessary because there are only certain parts of the pedal stroke at which one's pants can get caught. Where can I get one of those partial chain ring guards?

Jussi said...

I think that's the first & orgiginal edition of the Milwaukee "Crusher" bash guard:

I'm not sure if they're selling that anymore 'cos they've developed it bit further:

dwilson1707 said...

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