Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Profile BMX Cranks On Fixed Gear Bikes?

Interesting. Profile Racing is at the moment still developing new cranks for fixed gear use but some people simply cannot wait. 

Mister 3Bancho AKA HC100, seems to be experimenting with Profile's 3-piece BMX cranks but apparently there are some chainline issues still to be solved (my Japanese is not good enough to actually really read the post...). 

According to Profile, this setup is not ideal as it's not made for fixed gear use and the single bolt design of the sprocket might come loose quite easily. On the other hand, Keo for example seems to be running Profile cranks in his bike anyway. 

Profile BMX cranks are also available even as short as 145mm, if you really want to avoid pedal strike and toe overlap... 


hardcore100 said...

hey, what's up! thanks for the post!

and i am amazed that you summed it
up pretty good. that's just about
what i was saying in that post....

the single bolt pattern is working
out for now. i've been riding it
pretty hard for 3days, but i hasn't
come loose yet, so,,we'll have to

Anonymous said...

what did you do for bearing??? did you jsut press a euro bmx bearing kit? did you ruin the threads in the frame?