Friday, October 24, 2008

Track Chainrings For Life From Fyxomatosis

Fyxomatosis, Australia's track bike connoisseur extraordinaire (tm) has started producing his own track chainrings, which look super delicious, thanks to his great photography skills (click the pic to make it bigger). 

But the chainrings seriously do look good with that classic Italian pista style, there are two finish options, they appear to super-sturdy, and the twist is that he promises a 12 month guarantee on the chainrings (see below). 

The price is actually quite reasonable too when you compare them to any high quality 1/8 track chainrings, like Sugino 75, Dura-Ace or TA. 

This is what the man himself has to say about them, besides the marketing copy below:

"They are SUPER silent. I've ridden just about every chainring there is - Suntour Superbe, Campagnolo, Sugino, No namers, SR, Dura-ace. These are quieter and wear better, even with the wipperman BMX chain I had.

They'll be available eventually in 130/135 - 1/8th. They're not light due to their beefy cut, material is aluminium."

And they're good for cutting tomatoes too?

 * * * 

fyxomatosis chainrings

All 144BCD - 1/8th
All 4mm plate.
Australian made.
The tooth profile and contact area for the chain is greater = longer life, better wear.

If you wear out a chainring significantly from riding in 12 months, we will replace it FREE. No exceptions.

It will take more than a ride across China and back to wear us out in a year - Good luck!

Tested on couriers and track animals. All come with a 12 month 'Kill me if you can' warranty.

RAW finish - USD$59 delivered
POLISHED Finish - USD$69 delivered

Get them HERE! 

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