Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hutchinson Tire Ad

Obviously, in the near future you're gonna be seeing more and more ads & commercials featuring fixed gear bikes, here's one for yo'all but at least it's plugging bicycle tires, and not sub-prime mortgage loans or some other evil shit like that. 

The ad is maybe a bit meh in the beginning but once it gets going it's actually pretty nice. Also, you don't hear that type of glitch hop or whatever music as the soundtrack in the online cycling videos nowadays. Works fine here anyway. Plus it goes to show that all those advertisement agency dudes are on some otha shit, so to say. 

And one more thing, I know nothin' about dem Hutchinson tires because I'm personally a Continental-man, 'Hand Made In Germany' and all that, Gatorskin Ultras all the way, baby!

(Found it at John Prolly's)

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