Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paul Smith Has A Track Bike. Or Does He Really?

Just found these pics on Blue Lug Blog

It seems that Mr. Paul Smith (yes, the man behind that often very stripy mens' fashion brand) is almost riding a track bike, and a Keirin bike no less, in Tokyo. Interesting indeed. 

Well, he did have that bike design collaboration project with Mercian Cycles last year, more about his cycling pedigree here too. The pictures show that he did visit Blue Lug shop but I'm guessing the picture just has him trying out someone else's bike outside of the shop. 

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Anonymous said...

Paul Smith has a long history in road cycling. Actually, he only took up a career in fashion after having been seriously injured in a road racing accident. So in that sense, seeing him on a track bike etc. is not all that surprising...