Friday, January 30, 2009

S3X 3-Speed Fixed Gear Hub Colors

I almost forgot about the new version of the very legendary Sturmey Archer S3X Fixed Gear 3 Speed hub. The project seems to be advancing, the future color options are pictured above, for again for your color-coordination enjoyment. 

And remember that Sheldon Brown loved it.


tiny said...




tiny said...

I have to add... if people haven't looked they should read the comments at the S-A page... particularly the ones about where the shifter should be so people can still barspin...

I really hope that was meant as a joke. I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

Cay Brøndum said...

Interresting to see some of the old parts apear again but i´ll agree with T_M a trigger and a barspin dosn´t go that well. Do you remember the Torpedo DouMatic - that one i a new lightweight fixed and foot break wertion would be nice. Mvh Cay