Monday, January 26, 2009

How-To Wiki: Stop A Fixed Gear Bicycle

"So, you've decided to jump on the fixed gear bicycle trend. Good for you. Now here's the bad news: unless you learn how to stop one of these brakeless wonders, you're pretty much dead. Here's how to slow your roll on a bike with no breaks.


When you have worn a bare spot in your tire and you get a flat while trying to balance your collection of Macbooks in your messenger bag, you will probably fall, slide under a delivery van, and get killed. Be sure to specify who you want to inherit your Paul cranks, Brooks saddle, and Chris King headset... you don't want that stuff going into probate."


tiny said...

I don't know if I should be scared that they're telling yet more idiots how to ride "fixies" (argggh!!!) or that they're telling people not to.

I hope the latter trend takes off.

Did anyone note the pic... Rene from Pisuto has an OSCA... apparently they're hard to come by.

tiny said...

Comment #2: who cares about Paul Cranks going through Probate, let 'em be part of the residuals, if it's NJS on the other hand, it's going into a Testamentary Trust.