Thursday, January 8, 2009

Macaframa European Premiere - Tallinn, Estonia, Jan 15th 2009

Finally. The European Premiere of the most anticipated fixed gear movie of the year, MACAFRAMA. But where? In Tallinn, Estonia, of all places. The city, which according to me only couple of months ago didn't even have any fixed gear bikes. Well, it turned out I was wrong, of course, and one of the riders, Risto from the Sahtel Mag, has been keeping busy and here's the result:

Almost legendary BMX/Skate event, including a three day bmx/skate/snowboard movie festival. Macaframa and Fast Friday are the only FG movies there but the whole program looks really interesting in any case.  

I've also been told by people-in-the-know that the level of BMX riding at the Simpel sessions is about the best you can see anywhere and that the afterparties are fuuuuunnnnn, probably due to the cheap drinks and liberal local licensing laws... 

Ok, so it's more like the Continental European Premiere then. 


Anonymous said...

in talinn? haha, gold. i would've expected london, paris or maybe berlin. but premiering in talinn is pretty golden. go estonia. ^^

zaumi said...

i would love to watch that movie here in berlin :(

risto said...

Actually there was a screening in London already. I forgot about that. So it's a premiere for mainland Europe:) Hehe.

You should come to Estonia dudes! It's the place for bikes in January. Nearly everyone from the world BMX scene will be here.


Jussi said...

Thanks Risto. I love being an interwebz misinformant. ;)

Anonymous said...

haha, ok so much for the european premiere. i agree with zaumi, get that thing to berlin!!

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