Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pursuit / TT / Low Pro / Funny Bike Day Pt. 3

Real nice fluoro-pink 3Rensho Pursuit track bike I saw in Shibuya during my Tokyo trip in December. That was actually probably the nicest bike I saw while over there, and I did see plenty of nice bikes.


phraktle said...

and the funny part is, how it's just locked to itself, instead of the railing? :)

Jussi said...

that just the Japanese way, I guess.

there's apparently very little bike theft. or any other kind of criminality, due to super-harsh punishments you get for the smallest misdemeanors.

most of the locks, and the way they are used, you see in Japan are jokes by western standards.

T_M said...

From what I've seen online that's a pretty beefy chain for Japan...

why they don't just loop it over the railing I don't know... you wouldn't think it would take much effort?

I realize it's the law of diminishing returns... there's a lock on it and very little crime, why bother locking it to something?