Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mack Custom Track Hubs

I'm starting to get excited as my new Mack hubs are about to arrive any day now.

Mack fixed hubs? Yep, custom per-order (semi-?)handmade track hubs from Poland. Sealed bearings, single or double fixed, low or high flange, any spoke hole drilling you might want, twelve anodizing colors to choose from at no extra cost. Also, the rear hub design is symmetric on both single and double fixed hubs to make lacing very simple.

All the reviews I've come across so far have been very positive and Maciej Wydra AKA Mr. Mack has in fact been making custom hubs already for years. His hubs have also been sold under the Gromada brand name.

Obviously his hubs design is quite close to the famous Phil Wood track hubs but Mack hubs are supposed to be lighter than Phils. And finally his prices are not too bad either for custom stuff and even the shipping prices are very reasonable. I'll post a full review once my order arrives.

"Track hubs:

- Front low flange (45mm) – 50 Euro
- Rear low flange single fixed (50mm) – 67 Euro
- Rear low flange flip-flop (50mm) – 78
- Front high flange (75mm) – 72 Euro
- Rear high flange single fixed (75mm) – 89 Euro
- Rear high flange (75mm) – 100 Euro

Anodized colors: blue, red, silver, yellow, purple, orange, gold, teal, grey, black, pink, green.

Guarantee – 2 years (excluding bearings)."

For orders & more info:


Pete LaVerghetta said...

The hubs look nice, but unless you are the world champion running the arc en ciel seems lame.

tiny said...

Are you suggesting a person shouldn't have anything with the WC stripes on it unless they personally won the WC?

Isn't that a little insane?

asb said...

That unwritten rule only applies to clothing. Bicycle part manufacturers have always been entitled to use the rainbow if their equipment was used while winning the title and incorporating those parts to a bicycle is not considered lame.

However, wearing a rainbow shirt without winning the title or a yellow jersey while not being the TdF general classification leader is considered extremely lame.

tiny said...

well, ok... at least a white jersey with the rainbow stripes would be pretty lame.

I don't have a kit at all, so I suppose I'm not really in a position to comment.