Friday, January 16, 2009

Cloning The Cannondale Track 1992

Someone (let's keep the identity hidden for now) seems to be working on a protype of an aluminum track frame, which will have classic flat crown Cro-Mo fork, beefy downtube, super smooth welds all over and a tight - but not too aggressive - track geo. 

All of which will make the frameset to be very much like certain super-sought-after early 1990s American-made track frame. Of course it will not be quite the same, but still quite like the real thing, if you get the idea. But note that it won't be extremely cheap with the specs like that. 

I'm waiting to hear & see more.  


Anonymous said...

h+son is working on a cannondale-ish track frame? or what is that tag supposed to tell us?

lets hope it doesn't explode. j/k! ;)

tiny said...

so much for keeping the cat in the bag... if there were a cat in the bag which of course there isn't... noooo...