Monday, January 12, 2009

Macaframa Continental European Premiere

We already talked about this, but now it seems that in fact it might not actually even be the Continental Premiere like advertised. Who cares, especially if & when we don't speak/read Italian, ;) 

You're in a bit of hurry already to get those Easyjet tickets to Tallinn. 


There's seemingly no end to the amount of misinformation I'm spreading (see comments...). But anyhow, this will then be the real Continental Premiere, wooohooo!!!


lm said...

Is it even possible to see macaframa unless it's some sort of premiere? I mean, are they planning to do these premieres until 2012 or what.

risto said...

ah, damn. so it was in italy already?
well, i guess it's too late to change the flyer. damn that golby didn't mention that to me. anyway it makes a good promo nevertheless. haha

Jussi said...

that is goes to show that my blog is not be trusted on any matter...

But maybe yours will be the Official Continental MACAFRAMA Premiere(tm)?

rafu said...

Actually they were only showing the trailer/teaser for that Macaframa's new movie at BFF 2008 Milano, if that makes any difference..

Anyway, less tricks, more riding! ;)

risto said...