Friday, August 8, 2008

You Want Riser Bars? New School Style?

Lot of people prefer to ride with riser bars. Just forget about those over-priced Nitto bars and get something new instead: 

"My name is Nate (from Long Beach) I have started a line of custom riser bars we are now ready to produce and we are ready to release LAFIXED.

This is a grassroots company as of right now. I would love nothing more than to say we got out start selling to riders on this forum plus our first sale will be directly donated to it.

As of now we are making 3 styled

* 2 inch rise
* 3 inch rise
* 3 inch rise with middle bar

We are about to get some powdercoated this week but as of right now we are spray bombing them in 5 colors:

* Flat Black
* Gloss Black
* Gloss Red
* Metallic Blue
* Gloss White

If you are interested we will be selling them for $40 plus shipping . Please email me at Nate  (AT ) and specify which bars you would like and I will tell you where to send your MO


Anonymous said...

40 bucks plus postage plus tax plus bla bla bla. Not much cheaper then my super cool colored nitto i just bought for 35 pounds. But those bars are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to know what they are made out of, piping size, and angle degree of the actually bars. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting bars, look to the folder market too, they are always much more open to new ideas and designs - I think that these are ideal designs for taller riders.
try -

Al C

Anonymous said...

Was just wondering do you have these bars in 31.8 size

Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to consider publishing the specifications for your product/s?

1. Bar Clamp Diameter/s
2. Rise Dimension/s
3. Angle/Sweep if appropriate
4. Width
5. Grip/Brake/Gear Change Bar Diameter
6. Weight
7. Material/s
8. Finishes [Powder etc.]
9. Colours

You have quite a few gaps to fill.
Best wishes for your project.

Jussi said...

Anon, you should note that you're commenting on quite old post, and also consider that this is not my project. I don't make or sell these.

So maybe better to direct your points to the maker of those bars.