Thursday, August 7, 2008

Helsinki Fixed Gear Wednesday Tricks Session #11

Last night was the night of the 'fiksikeskarit', or Helsinki Fixed Gear Wednesday Tricks Session again. 

The score:
1.) beers 
2.) some blood on Kalle's Pista  
3.) one super hot new ride (ie. Lauri's Sannino Pursuit track bike, see the crappy pic below) 
4.) couple of rounds of Foot Down, with Santtu reigning pretty much supreme. 
5.) race to Old Sophie's (which yours truly won, ahem...), and then to Luft bar (which was won by the man with the bloody Pista.)
6.) myself wiping out onto the street while swerving/skidding to my yard late at night. 


konkeli said...

The question is, who won the race to Luft?

Plz tell.

Jussi said...

Edited it for you mr. Winner.

konkeli said...

I feel so smug.

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