Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New 'Fixed Gear' Van' w/ Extras

You've noticed how lots of them 'fixie hipsters' (tm) wear Vans? 
Oh, you do too?

Anyway, now the Vans company are doing one better, they've come out with a new sneaker model for us the fixed gear masses. I'm not so into the design/colorway personally but the shoes do come with some bonuses (mini review by Ksyrius, thanks):

"... (the) also come with a small bag to hold a spare tube/co2 which velcro's onto your seat rails.

some other cool things: its got reflective stripes woven into the laces, and the vans logo on the back is reflective.

i also like how the front of the shoe ( ill call it the toe cap) is extra large, with the laces starting near the middle of the shoe so they dont get stuck in your toeclips. And the toe cap feels really burly.

too bad there kinda expensive (80$) but i think theyll last long enough to make it worth it.

they are also kinda heavy like twice as heavy as another pair of vans i have, i think that they reinforced the sole

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