Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nike Dunk Gyrizo SPD BMX Shoes

Looks like a dunk, but acts like Lance’s cleat.” 

"That statement sums up the power and impact of the Nike Dunk Gyrizo, a shoe specifically designed for BMX racing. The Gyrizo, which is Greek for wheel, is actually built on the same cycling last as Lance Armstrong’s cleat. The external portion of the shoe looks like Nike’s wildly popular Dunk model, but the design of the internal plate transfers power in the up and down strokes of the rider. A strap on the upper and a lace pocket keep laces out of the rider’s spokes while a durable outsole compound was integrated to accommodate a wider bike pedal. Kevlar lace and metal grommets are also used to maximize durability. Rubber and thinner midsole on the shoe allow a rider to walk easily before and after races.

The outcome is a shoe that does not only look good, but is functional at the same time, and more you cannot ask for. We also hear rumors, that the design of the shoe has been done by TET of WTAPS.

Sneakers for clipless fixie riders finally? I think not. 


Anonymous said...

Got a pair of Gyrizos and I'd say they are okay-ish if you have spd pedals and don't want (= are too lazy) to carry an extra pair of footwear for meetings etc.

Karhu produced a test run of cycling sneakers a couple years ago, think it was 2005 or 2006. Looked like their old school tennis shoes with stiffer, spd compatible sole. never made it into production though.

brandon said...

There have been BMX-specific SPD shoes out for a while. It's just that Nike's are waaay cooler looking.


Shimano makes some too. Nike has the first ones that don't hurt my eyes to look at, BUT they cost 220 bones!

Unknown said...


I'll stick to my shimanos. It's the worse-than-bad-looking shoe with that horrible weatherflap.

this: https://www.jrbicycles.com/storefront/images/uploads/Shoes/Race/shoe00008%20Shimano%20(1).jpg

Just rip that flap of, and it's a bit more reasonable to look at.

Anonymous said...


gyrizos seemed to work for those guys.

Anonymous said...

Those are way sicker than most clipless shoes