Sunday, August 31, 2008

Acne + Bianchi Pista = Fashion?

You might have already seen these quite scary pics posted somewhere but do you know what they're about? Let me enlighten you:

"Swedish fashion and denim brand Acne has partnered with Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi to create a slick, streamlined collection that is both fashionable and functional."

Yeah, right. 

Let me just tell you that the 'strung-out heroin addict caught red handed stealing a Bianchi Pista somewhere in SOHO' -look/style the model is sporting in the pics just doesn't do it for me. 

But if you happen like that stuff, sometime soon in the autumn you can apparently go to an ACNE store somewhere and buy that bike. From the clothing store. A bike from a clothing store. Oh, yes. And if you do buy it there, let's just hope the sales boys & girls with trendy hair-dos will set it up just right for you. Tighten the cog and all that stuff that makes your hands all greasy and grimy. So that you can just ride your trendy bike and look really really good. 


thor said...

bikes becoming trendy = more people riding, less cars, more used bikes to buy for polo. these are all good things in my reality.

mikey said...

to second thor, what's wrong with a bike bought at a clothing store? the reasoning might be a little shallow, but as long as there's more bikes being made, sold and ridden, who cares?

Anonymous said...

well you can't buy a salmon colored pista from any bike shops so just pick it up at acne and learn to tune it up yourself ;)