Monday, August 11, 2008

Wooden Vintage Track Frame. For Real.

From Ebay, once again. A WOODEN track frame? Right. 

"Up for auction with no reserve is a newly restored WOODEN Lombardi track frameset.

Essentially it is a very special track frame completely faired in with wood. Made by Lombardi, it is believed to be manufactured in the 60s. The frame takes a 650 front wheel so maybe the wood was applied as a sort of 'primitive' way to make the frame more aerodynamic for the pursuit.

Original paintwork was completely stripped, wood was restored, meticulously sanded and painted with exposed wood 'windows'. The complete frame has been clear coated to protect it from the elements (termites?) Needless to say this is a rare and unique piece which would build into an extraordinary fixed gear bike

Did that wake up that little carpenter in you? 

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