Friday, August 22, 2008

King Of Bike Thieves Igor Kenk: 2865 bikes, cocaine, crack, 15 pounds of marijuana and a bronze sculpture of a centaur and a snake in battle

Some quotes:

"What exactly was he planning to do with 2,865 bicycles?"

"The  Toronto Police are baffled by what Igor Kenk planned to do with such a surplus of bikes. That is just one of many questions the police and others have been puzzling over since the arrest last month of Igor Kenk, the owner of a used-bike shop here."

"Mr. Kenk’s little shop, the Bicycle Clinic, appeared to be a black hole that consumed stolen bicycles. Bike theft victims regularly discovered their missing bicycles there, and were often able to recover them, either through vigorous argument or a payment of $30 or $40."

"That was just the beginning. An additional 200 bikes were seized in Mr. Kenk’s home. Ten landlords around the city reported that their garages had been rented by Mr. Kenk and were bulging with bicycles. 

As the police gathered the mounds of bikes, they also found cocaine, crack cocaine, about 15 pounds of marijuana and a stolen bronze sculpture of a centaur and a snake in battle."

"In the past, Mr. Kenk has said that he was accumulating bicycles in preparation for a severe oil shortage."

"Mr. Kenk portrayed himself as a crusader against theft and a protector of cast-off bicycles."

"Mr. Kenk holds a passport from Slovenia and has claimed he was a police officer and a former K.G.B. agent. He has shed little light since his arrest. After one court session, he told reporters, 'I’m a dead man.'"


Matt said...
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Lanerossi said...

He's a genius!
I can hardly keep at home 20 o 30 bikes, my parents are always shouting at me... He had more than 2,000 bikes at home!!!