Monday, August 4, 2008

Finnish Track Cycling Championship 2008: And Some Old Men On Hot Track Bikes!

The Finnish Track Cycling Championship 2008 happened at the Käpylä Velodrome in Helsinki about a week ago. Don't ask me about who won or what kind of times people got 'cos I wasn't there and I don't actually even really care. Anyhow, they apparently also had series for different age groups because if you look at the photos here, you will notice that all the hot bikes seem to belong to the older dudes, some of who you'd maybe rather not see wearing those skin suits... 

But just look, for example, at that Bianchi pursuit bike pictured, could that guy possibly have any more hipper bike, now could he? Ok, he maybe could have had a Campy disk wheel in the rear with a MASH SF sticker on it, but still. Forget about those road double cranks and notice instead how he has put some tape over the valve hole of HED3 front wheel to make it even more aerodynamic!

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Zoot Suits said...

Really awesome that guy did a great job.