Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Diamant Tarck Bike

Some time ago I wrote about a pile of parts I had scored from the 'bay with the intention of building one more fixed gear bike, or a tarck bike, for myself. Well, here it is finally in action. 

An East-German 1970s Diamant track frame, unknown older Italian road fork, Sugino Mighty crank and a pile of mixed parts. The fork is probably not made by Colnago like it was supposed to be, and I decided to save the Dura-Ace BB for another project and used a cheap sealed cartridge BB instead. 

(tnts from the took the photo, thanks!) 


® said...

that's really a nice built. -®-

J said...

Did you find the headset went in really easily?

I got one of the blue diamant frames the guy had and the 1" headset seems to go into the head tube really easily. Feels like I wouldn't even need to use a press to install it. Which I thought was strange but maybe that's just me.

Anyway hope the bike's riding well, I'm still building mine.

Young jZ said...

Hi J,
I used an ISO standard headset (not JIS) but mine didn't fit too snuggly either so I had to work a bit with it and to fit a strip cut from a beercan in there to shim it in the good old DIY style.

I know this not very professional and will probably not last very long but for the time being it seems to work fine. Also, I'm not running a front brake and using one would probably stress the headset/shim quite a lot more and make this fix pretty useless very quickly.

Anyhow, the there is def something strange going on with the Diamant headset size as it appears not to follow any known standard.

So you got your frame from the same guy?

Anyhow, good luck with your build and let me know if post pics somewhere later.