Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fixed Gear Tricks, Part 247.

Here's once more one more youtube video clip of fixed gear tricks. It's actually an ad for Bikejerks' All City Championship in Minneapolis in the end of June. 

However, now I'm already getting bit bored with this, the video is not that hot. Watching the same old loooong skids, barspins & wheelies, leg-over-bars skids and someone doing a super twitchy trackstand is getting bit old. Sorry. You need to try bit harder, ok?

Like this dude in the White Room, from Japan, of course:


Anonymous said...

That is so lame.ride Bmx if you want to really ride and do tricks.doing g turns followed by rolling around in circles is pretty flash fixed gear bikes are for racing around a track. There is pretty much no other use for them

Anonymous said...

^ your a fag