Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Fixie Hipster Bike Style Manifesto

* No more Aerospokes, HED3 or Spinergy. 
* Tubular disk wheels. 650c in the front. 

* No more Keirin frames, Cannondale track or Bianchi Pista Concepts. 
* 1980s Lo Profile / Pursuit / Funnybikes. Italians Do It Better. 

* No more bikes covered with skateboard stickers. 
* Fluoro-splashes and masked multicolor disco paintjobs. 

* No more BMX tricks. 
* Pursuit, Sprint, Madison, Keirin, Scratch Race & 'Devil Take the Hindmost'


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap... everyone should be able to ride around on whatever he wants. If someone wants to put riser bars on a drop stem, why not. If you want to ride around town on a pursuit bike, go ahead. Why is everyone drinking all this Hatorade?

Jussi said...
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Jussi said...

Right, it happens again. Misunderstanding my posts. 

The point here was not to 'hate' on anything or anyone, but to acknowledge the fact that trends change. Fixed gear bikes are fashionable and some people even buy them purely for that reason unfortunately, but even the fashionable styles within the trend keep constantly changing. 

So what I'm pointing out here is that the bikes like the MASH SF dudes were riding in the movie, and what everyone wanted to get with the Aerospokes and all, might not be so hot anymore, if you look around a little bit. 

But on the other hand pursuit bikes and funnybikes appear to be coming up big time...

Anonymous said...

this is cool thing for chrome.