Monday, June 9, 2008

Italian Bike Virus

Bike Virus? Sounds familiar to me. 

If my next-to-non-existent Italian skills are worth anything, it seems that Il Virus delle Bici is a photography book of  Luca Sorianos photos of  trashed & dead bikes from Bologna, Italy. I don't see any vintage Italian road or track bikes in those photos but that's probably only a good thing.  


My secret Italian source just informed me that Bologna, being a big old University town, is also the Italian capital of junkie bike business, meaning that local substance-abusers do lively business there by stealing bikes from the local students - only to sell them back to other local students. You know how it goes. 


Anonymous said...

The heck with those pizza farmers... HOLLAND!!!!

Anonymous said...

I went to Rome about a month ago. It was the same thing there..