Friday, June 13, 2008

'Bianci' Pursuit/TT bike with disk wheels and all...

Here in Finland we are so under-developed that even Ebay hasn't bothered to invade out poor northern country. However, we do have our own copy of teh 'bay, an auction site called generally sucks and nothing cool ever comes up there, unless I'm selling my old sh*t there, of course. Ok, there's been some strange Soviet Olympic Team's Aerowheels from 1980s and other weirdness up for grabs there and some of my friends have scored cool Italian road bikes, something like this here, but still. 

Anyhow, now finally there IS something cool on auction, check this out. Also, notice the next-to-non-existent description.  

What did I just say about pursuit/TT/lopro/funnybikes with diskwheels?

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wonceler said...

That frame looks quite a bit like the Colnago pursuit frame.