Sunday, May 10, 2009

Keep It Metal All You Road Warriors Out There!

1980s hair metal + road cycling kit??? Sh*t, I used to be into all these bands back in the day but these are the most retarded things I've ever seen. 

From here, (no)thanks to my man Giac. 

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Anonymous said...

most excellent, except that the manowar video is misplaced with these mortal musicians. Manowar stand alone atop a misty mountain surveying their kingdom of steel. Manowar have riden steeds, harder, faster, and braver than any fixed gear mortal could dream of. Why do we ride breakless? because Manowar told us to. Eight legged horses dont have breaks. Throw gene simmons to the wolves, he is a heretic.
Manowar is not hair metal. It is the sound of warriors, of battles, of thunder and lightning, of rivers and oceans and raging tempests.
Manowar simply IS.
Ride in leather and spikes, not lycra.