Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1000 // Berlin

It's been bit more than a year with just over thousand blog posts and I think I've earned a little break. First I want to say big thanks to all of you, and there's been plenty of you guys, who read and comment the stupid stuff I post. Cheers! 

Tonight I'll take my huge Chrome messenger bag and fill it with my girlfriend's skinniest black stretch jeans, my retro Brooklyn Team cycling cap, a keffiyeh scarf and a bunch t-shirts with witty slogans on them. Then I'll trim and wax my ironic mustache and polish my vintage track bike and I'll be ready to leave for Berlin early in the morning. If you're also going to be there and catch me stuffing döner kebab in my face and drinking too much beer, say hi if you feel like it.

In the meanwhile, if you're really bored you can always go back to the very beginning and re-read my old posts, starting here. Remember also to click all those ads*nse-links so that I can pay my credit card bill when I come back to entertain you here again.


1 comment:

tiny said...

Have fun dude... watch out for the brake-police.