Monday, May 4, 2009

H+Son Website & Online Store

H+Son finally got their game up a notch with a proper website including a blog and a global webstore. Way to go. I guess it was about time now that the Velocity peeps down under are getting their copy (yes, this should debated...) of the H+Son Formation Face rim out.   


Unknown said...

at least Velocity has the credibility of making a quality product.

Jim said...

I can't help but giggle a little to myself when I read this post. You know when you read something that's so wrong that you feel embarrassed for the author? That's how I feel here.

Do your homework dude, Velocity is a legit company that has been around long before all this nonsense and will remain. H+Son are the biters, and what's worse they are basically participating in the current fixed gear money grab.

Here's a suggestion for your next post: Cinelli re-releases quill stems that are Nitto copies (this should be debated).

Jussi said...

Jim, let me clarify:

I never said Velocity were not a legit company. I know they've been around and that all cool. They make plenty of nice rims, and yeah, not only for all these 'fixy bikes'.

But you seem to somehow imply that H+Son is not a 'legit' company for some reason? Now what would that be? Because they started manufacturing rims later that Velocity? Big deal. Or is it because they're Chinese guys and it's a Chinese company? If this is your option, too bad for you, dude.

Anyhow, the point I tried to make in the post above is this: why did Velocity come out with the 43mm deep B43 rim now after H+Son's 42mm deep Formation Face rims have been getting all the hype?

B43 also looks pretty much like the Formation Face, despite that fact that, yes, it's 1mm deeper. So considering all this, someone could say that Velocity copied H+Son, right?

And sure, both these rims are basically more or less copies of older stuff like Campa Shamals or plenty of other deep dish Campa rims, or Gipiemme Tecno 416, or Tecno 716, Aray Super Aero etc. But still.