Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Knog N.E.R.D.

All right, the nice people at Knog kindly sent a red 12 function version of their new N.E.R.D. cycle computer for yours truly to review. Straight out of the box it looks super nice but now I'll actually need to do some riding first with it to check out how it works in action before I can really say anything about it. 

Anyhow, if you've been waiting for the N.E.R.D. to be available at the shops and want to have it NOW!, it should be out finally and you can get one for example from here.


Pawan said...

Can it be used with MTB? As the sensor's strap looks quite short.

Jussi said...

Yes, it's long and stretchy enough for oversize bars if that's what you mean. It's mentioned in the specs too somewhere but yeah.

Pawan said...
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Pawan said...

i couldn't find anything about it's being stretchy...So can you please tell me that the sensor can be fitted on this fork or not?


Jussi said...

Ok, yes, sorry I misunderstood your question.

Yes, it does fit also MTB forks. the sensor has the strap made for two different size forks, the narrower for road/track bike forks and the bigger and fatter MTB forks and such. Plus it's also very stretchy.

Pawan said...

so you have to ask for it or it comes with both type of strap?

Jussi said...

No, the strap has two separate 'notches' on it.