Saturday, May 9, 2009

ATTENTION // ECMC Berlin 2009 Participants

So the Berlin cops vs. brakeless bikes and the ECMC 2009 saga continues:

[messengers] ACHTUNG! berlin and fixies update:


Bad timing with the ecmc and all, but they are definitely (and possibly illegally) confiscating brakeless bikes here. I nearly lost mine on wednesday but got lucky and got away. This event didnt even happen in traffic, i was just locking up and he was in his car stuck in traffic.

We meet with the chief again next week where we will try and get an amnesty agreement for that weekend. we have a good relationship them- this is definitely not something specifically against messengers- its just that hundreds of people are riding brakeless now and there has been a lot of press about the "wild" youth and these bikes. It is not yet clear how and when someone will be able to get one of these confiscated bikes returned. (It is also not clear how skateboards and rollerblades manage to escape the same treatment.)

The racecourse is on private property and this will not be an issue at the event. But seriously, do yourself a favor and put on a front brake if possible, or take routine precautions like checking around for 5-0 when you're out cruising around.

This sudden action by the Berlin police is embarrassing and unfortunately casts a bad light on a city otherwise known for its tolerance and objectivity.

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James said...

Meeting the police and talking about this makes it probably even more bad?

Mikkel said...

dont talk to the cops!